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Engage with your Audience with a Page Turning' Interactive Digital imag.

Flipping pages will take your dated format and transform it into a digital interactive brochure which you can easily share with your clients and prospects. We can convert any format and are willing to go that extra mile to get the results you are looking for. Our digital brochures can be viewed on any device with internet connection. We also create off-line versions that don,t need internet connection. Not only is it a good way to reduce cost it reduces your carbon footprint.


What our publications can do

All our conversions come with a free HTML5 version which will work on all mobile devices and smartphone and will play HD MP4 video.

We have a pop-out feature which will load a form like a contact us form or load a video. You can activate them with a click to a button or link.

Our navigation bar on our convertions can be changed to a diffrent language. We can also change the default language.

Multi level zoom allows you to zoom the page for a clear reading experience you can change the default zoom to a bigger zoom. Zoom up to 400%.

Create an off line version that works without an internet connection. We can create two types EXE for the PC and App for the Mac. Both can be coped to disk or USB.

Our Flipping pages work on all browsers with flash 10 or higher. Our HTML 5 works on all browsers and does not need any special app to work..

We can password protect any publication online or off-line. This is a very good feature for internal document that is intended for only one person.

Easy track the performance of your publication with Google Analytics's. See who is viewing your brochure and improve your sales by studying vital stats..

Share your brochure on all social media platforms. With social media hitting record users it seems like we couldn't leave this feature out.

We offer free hosting for the life of the brochure except for the free version, we offer 12 months free hosting. And, we offer self hosting and will provide instruction how to host it on your own severs.

We can add extra buttons to the navigation bar like download PDF buttons, home buttons or have a button with a pop out contact us form.

Search your publication with the advanced search which will highlight your word search. Search all pages with a single click.

Every conversion we do will come with a HTML version that sits in the background. This is so search engines can spider you, so you can gain PR.

Adding multimedia to your brochure will bring it to life we support HD MP4 that works in the HTML5 version and we support SWF animation and MP3 audio.

Why Choose Us

So many good reasons

We offer a HTML 5 version free with every conversion purchased. And the offline version comes free and works without a internet connection. Both mobile and flash versions work of one link.


Track the performance of your publication providing vital statistics for you to examine.See the links clicked and where your viewers are coming from. Getting the max out of your brochure.

We offer many forms like upload forms, payment forms.

With a click of a button or link you can have a payment form, pop-out giveing access to pay for a itam, or have a upload form or contact us form. We offer a number of forms with great security.

You can password protect your publication.

You can password protect your publication and give access to those you want to have access. This is a great feature for internal documents. When the publication is launched you have the option to enter a password unless a password is entered you can't read any content.

Some Of Our Clients

What they say about us
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Working with Flipping pages was great they looked after all our needs and more.

Mark Edwards - Marketing

Flipping pages opened our eyes to the potential to what we can do with digital page-turn.

Rob James - Sales & Marketing

Very good in what they do. And a fast turn around.

Paul Jones - Digital Marketing

Flipping pages had what we were looking for and I would recmomend them to anyone.

Scott - Digital