image Our conversions will work on all mobile devices. Ipad, Iphone ,Android and Blackberry. And, will run HD MP4 video. Our pop-out forms work in the HTML5 version. All versions work of one URL, there is some code in the HTML file and it will recognize what device you are viewing on.

Yes we provide all files with instruction. Everthing will work as it should. If you can't host it we will provide free hosting for the life of the brochure. Except for the free version we will provide 12 months free hosting.

image We accept any format because we will just convert it into a PDF for you, but PDF is our preferred format. If you have video and its not MP4 we will convert to MP4 for you and we will convert audio.(No Charge)

There is no limit on how many pages you can convert. It want slow down if you have a large page count.

We can split the PDF into single page for you. We need single pages for the conversion.(No Charge)

Yes HD MP4 video will work in the mobile and online versions plus it will work on the offline version.

We can split the PDF into single page for you. We need single pages for the conversion.

Simply create a free account and you can manage all your files through this file manager. If we need to give you any files we will just upload them to your account. There is a 100mb file limit but we can increase this if we need to.

First we need your PDF and we will do a demo for you this demo will work on any mobile device and then you tell us anything that you want adding like video, audio or animation. Once you are happy we will then make it live taking the demo tags off. We offer a free version with 30 pages max and it will have branding on no video or audio just a simple conversion. And, this will have 12 months free hosting